We are committed to creating corporate values with a sense of mission, cohesion, mutual trust and forward-looking, leading us towards sustainable development with enthusiasm and wisdom.

Our Purpose

Steady and Far-reaching
Honesty and Modesty
Pragmatic and Innovation
Openness and Inclusiveness

Our Vision

Become a comprehensive enterprise group with mining resources production and trade as its main business, driving a comprehensive chain of related financial services, engineering and project consulting management services, resource investment, engineering financing and derivative resources. Create returns and value for shareholders, customers and investors, create benefits for the enterprise, provide growth and development opportunities for our employees, and create prosperity for the society.


Our Values

Adhering to our management philosophy of steady, sound, honesty and integrity, we adhere to the value creation orientation, carry forward the spirit of perseverance, vigorous and determined endeavor, exploration and innovative, keep up with the times and latest market trends, and continue to create values for our country, shareholders, group, customers and employees to achieve sustainable development. We cherish and appreciate each employee for their contribution. While realising and fulfilling their expectations, we are committed to cultivating excellent work teams, establishing a cultural spirit of close cooperation, encouraging lifelong learning, and strengthening employees’ professional knowledge and adaptability through a diverse range of training programs, in order to achieve the goal of co-creating, sharing and win-win with us.

Investor Relations